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8K TV's are they even usable?

So hear we go again, the next generation of digital displays are here. Obviously everyone wants to know if these screens are they really that much better and are they worth the investment? Very simply yes and no.

So lets begin with our eyes perception of what can be seen. Obviously, this is dependent on how good your vision is but lets assume your vision is perfect. So an 8K TV would be a better viewing experience right? Well theoretically yes. However, the problem arises when it comes to day to day usability and what you will be able to view.

Now 4K and 8K resolutions are significantly better if your viewing then from approximately 2 ft. So if its a laptop,cellphone or monitor than the difference would look significant. However when your viewing them from 6 ft. or further even on large TV's the difference is negligible. Meaning, unless your a child and going to sit a few feet away from your new 80 inch TV, there is really no benefit.

As of now, there is still limited 4K content available through Netflix and other streaming services. The reason is simple. It takes a huge amount of data and internet speed to use video in 4K. There are still no cable broadcasts in 4K for just this reason. With 8K the data usage is well beyond the capacity of any of our current computers and well beyond the amount of data that can be transferred via the current digital infrastructure being used. Unless you also plan on purchasing an 8K camera (approx. $25,000) and shooting your own footage, 8K are basically only good for static images.

So my suggestion is, that unless you have money to burn. Stick with your 1080p or 4K TV if you have one. You will most likely want to wait a few years until the next generation of data and storage transfer becomes available before rushing into your basically unusable 8K TV.

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