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LED, LCD and OLED what you should know before you buy.

Many people find it difficult to decide on which TV and which option is right for them. Here Ill

give a break down to hopefully unravel some of the mystery behind the "latest and greatest" in

TV tech. This will allow you to make informed decisions based on facts and not just the latest buzz

word or titles.

So todays market place for Televisions basically boils down to three types, LCD, LED and

OLED. Plasma has pretty much fallen my the wayside. So lets begin with LCDs. Now both LED's

and LCD's have the same type of screen. The main difference being the light source behind each one.

While the LCD is lit by a handful of small cfl lamps The LED is lit by many LED's or Light Emitting

Diodes. The main advantage goes to the LED simply because specific LED's can be independantley

turned off and there for giving a greater contrast ratio. Read more about Contrast ratio in

our article "Contrast ratio does it matter and what is it Really". Now LED TVs use LED's as a

backlight to an LCD screen giving darker blacks and a greater contrast ratio. In most cases giving a

better overall picture.

Finally we come to the OLED. Now these vary quite a bit from our first two choices.

For starters the screen is made up of an organic film which is used in the LEDs and then this film is

placed between semi conductors. The new OLED's the screen is all LED's not just back lighting like

LED. This allows each pixel to be turned on or off giving you theoretically an infinite contrast ratio.

So what does all this mean for me you ask? Well for overall picture quality the LED is the best

bang for your buck. Why you might ask with all the audio/video people so excited about OLED ? Its

simple. The OLED's give off the truest blacks which basically means the greatest contrast ratio which

translates to the best overall picture quality. there are a few factors like the 4K aspect vs the 1080p

issue that are being used as sales pitches and as of today have limited capability. We will discuss this

further in our article "4K TVs are they worth the extra investment? " Also for many people the price

difference for 4K OLED can be off putting.

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