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4K TVs are they worth the extra investment?

Many people see the 4K or UHD TVs as the next greatest in technology. While this maybe true,

8k is very nearby and they still have very little content in UHD. 4K and UHD are one in the same.

Ultra HD which delivers 4 times the amount of pixels as its predecessor 1080p. With one main

problem, wheres the content.

We're several years out into the 4K debate and still many have a great level of uncertainty.

Why? One word, Content. As of today mostly all of the 4K content comes from streaming

services. Netflix and a few others are streaming UHD shows and mostly new movies but the

majority of there shows and movies are still 1080p. That's not to say than you shouldn't go buy

one but there are a few things to consider.

None of the cable providers have the infrastructure to put UHD in every household. Now

with 8K in the works, that's right another step up. One's begged the question. Should I just wait

for 8K in a few years? In my humble opinion the answer is yes. although events like the

superbowl are being shot in 4K, they're not being broadcast live that way. The cable and

satellite providers in Japan are already gearing up for 8K and basically bypassing the idea of 4K

broadcast. The fact remains however that the overall contrast which has some of the truest

colors to date on Television and the blackest blacks your still not getting the full potential of the

UHDTVs because there isn't a ton to watch like there is in HD.

Basically your getting the equivalent of upscaling a standard DVD to a Blue ray. Although

better image quality, Its difference in marginal. So if you need the latest and greatest toys then

by all means fork out the cash and enjoy the limited programing. However I myself will be just

fine with 1080p until 8K hits the ground running and then I can fully appreciate the latest and

greatest with many more options than a few Netflix movies and some feeds from youtube.

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